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YOUR opinion is important to us. We value our clients' satisfaction as a measure for our success. Among all entries we will draw 3 (!) winners every month who - for their valuable contribution to help improve our service - will receive a BONUS of 30% for their next booking. Participation is entirely voluntary, of course, and the winners will be notified by email.

We value your recommendation! Your satisfaction is our best reference. Tell your friends and business partners. If they book for the first time and tell us here who recommended them, we will give a € 40 BONUS towards your next booking. Prizes cannot be redeemed for money.

Please tell us everything you liked or disliked about your ELF (reception, outfit, service) and all other areas (home page, switchboard, compliance, service) so we will be able to improve our services. If you came by recommendation, please tell us nickname and email address of the person that recommended us to you, we would like to show our gratitude.